About Us

Big girls don't cry. They invent.

Crying over a broken shoe strap might sound extreme, but what if it’s your only pair of goes-with-everything black sandals in a nearly impossible to find size 5 ½?  The tears, Bella Modi Founder, Kim Mitchell-Catlett spilled that day over her favorite black heels were the culmination of years of frustration with an industry that offered few options for her size and even less creative control. Enough was enough. So she dried her tears, broke out the modeling clay and created the first prototype of her ideal shoe.  This was the beginning of Bella Modi... and it wasn't long before the same relentless quest for control was applied to handbags - driving for the option to have both fashion and function without compromising!

Realizing the power of these products, it’s now part of Kim’s mission to encourage others to take back control—whether taking control of their look and lifestyle with their Bella Modi Handbag or taking control of their professional life with a Bella Modi career opportunity. But most of all, it is Kim’s mission to inspire others to follow their passion wherever it takes them (comfortably shod in their Bella Modi shoes & handbags, of course).  


Our mission

Bella Modi is committed to evolving the way fashion accessories are designed, worn and sold. No matter your background, age or income, our mission is to provide the tools our customers need to design their perfect look, create their perfect fit and discover their inner fabulous, both personally and professionally.