Private Label Manufacturing & Product Development

We know how exciting it is to develop your very own fashion line. And we also know, first hand, how difficult and discouraging it can be. The fashion industry doesn't readily share knowledge, sources or even offer general support due to the competitive nature of the business. So, after going thru all of the challenges of developing my own line of handbags, it became my mission to openly share my learnings and knowledge and help others along their journey.

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Bella Modi is a full service consultancy and manufacturing facility. No matter what development stage you are in, we can help get your finished product in your hands and ultimately, to market.

Product Development Services:
Process Consulting
Tech Pack Development
Pattern Making
Sample Development
Sourcing (Materials & Factory)
Small-Medium scale in-house manufacturing

Business Support Services:
Fashion Industry Training and Coaching
Start Up Coaching and Business Plan Development
Process Consulting
Brand Support & Development
Line Development & Extension
Wholesale & Showroom Consulting

Private Label Manufacturing:
We know how challenging manufacturing can be and offer smaller lines the tools and support they need as they embark on their production journey. We specialize in start-up lines and small run manufacturing. All of our products are made locally in our facility in Boise, ID.