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If you’ve been kicking around the idea of starting your own fashion or accessory line, you can do it!  Whether you are looking to start small as an indie designer or sell your designs in the biggest chain stores in the country, the only way to get there is by taking the first step.

You CAN start your own fashion or accessory line!

The idea of starting your own fashion business can be intimidating.  But the flip side is that there is nothing more exciting than seeing a stranger walking down the street wearing one of your designs.  That being said, it takes patience, planning, execution and persistence to get your line launched.

There are several basic steps that need to take place in order to get your line launched -but the most important step is the first one – and that is deciding to and committing to starting your business.

Once you’ve decided to move forward with your fashion business, you’ll need to solidify your ideas on product(s), designs, and brand.  Start simple with one idea, get it down on paper and build up from there.

Make a Plan

In addition to building out your ideas on your product and brand, you will also need to make a plan for how, where and when you will be selling and marketing your line.  Contact your local Small Business Administration or SCORE to see if you can get support on developing business and marketing plans.  Search for local entrepreneurial groups to see if there are development support services or centers available to you where you can connect with others that are on a similar journey.

And most importantly, please remember 2 things:

  • Fashion is completely subjective. You will find people that love your products and people that hate them.  And that is okay.  Focus on the those who love your line.
  • And don’t let challenges in the development process stop you from getting to market. There are good partners out there.  If the one you are working with is more trouble than they are worth, find another one.

Good luck and I’m looking forward to seeing your products hit the market!

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