Winter 2017 Style Inspiration #1

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Beat the winter blues with the best blue hues

No need to be blue this winter, unless you're rocking some of this season's best colors - Riverside and Airy Blue!
We love these cool blues - especially when paired with a warm brown tones. This look is perfectly suited for a casual night out or just running errands. You'll feel so put together and completely comfortable. Straight leg jeans paired with a short brown boot that is tucked under your jeans adds length to your body. While jeweled toned beads in bracelets and earrings elevate your jeans from casual Friday to "still-rocking-it-even-in-jeans" Friday. A soft brown tone scarf adds some warmth while tying the color pallet back to your boots. And finally, a simple tote (in caffe brown, mahogany and off white) from Bella Modi is an essential accessory and completes this look with a touch of personal style!

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